Vegan Valley

  2.0 – 55 reviews   • Japanese restaurant

Vegan Valley 3067

✔️ Dine-in ✔️ Takeaway ✔️ Delivery

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Address: 309 Victoria St, Abbotsford VIC 3067



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Vegan Valley. Vegan Vegetarian. 1.9 stars out of 5. View 4 reviews. 309 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067. Delivering now. I want to pick up. $7 delivery fee.

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Vegan Valley. Vegan Vegetarian. 1.9 stars out of 5. View 4 reviews. 309 Victoria Street, Abbotsford, 3067. Not taking orders. This place is not taking orders …


sam M
Yummy Food & reasonably timed delivery.
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Claire Castrique
Ordered and never rocked up. Has a great rating on Ubereats so didn’t think twice about ordering. Googled the restaurant after not receiving tracking info and saw everyone else’s reviews. Avoid!
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Rachel Waddington
Had to write a review because the online comments just did not seem true from my experience. Food was delivered in half an hour, was a huge portion and it was super yummy! Very happy and will definitely order from here again
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Chamaree Goonetilleke
We ordered from here Friday night but I got a bit worried after reading the reviews but thought the menu looked too yummy to pass. Gave it a go expecting it to take longer than an two hours and arrived in less than an hour. And the food was sooo yummy!
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Luke Oxley
My partner ordered and it was late and then came with uncooked noodles that she was instructed to cook herself. It also came with a note about Jesus and salvation or something and it was just an all round horrible experience. I legit think this is someone cooking in their house and then driving it around Melbourne
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Emma B
After all the mixed reviews I was curious, but the food was tasty, delivered on time and about the amount I’d expect for the price. Based on other reviews I’m going to assume this restaurant is a small operation that just does delivery, maybe not run by many people and if you order lots and lots of food it’ll take a bit longer.
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Brooke Bainton
This place is cooked – placed an order with them via Uber Eats and they just never delivered it. Waited for an hour and a half with no updates at all. Couldn’t get through even after calling multiple times. Don’t order from here 🙂
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This was by far the absolute worst take away food I have ever ordered. I paid almost $60 (with delivery) for a curry laksa and ramen. Firstly, the laksa had one microscopic piece of tofu in it, was 90% bean shoots, contained absolutely no vegetables and the soup was watery. As for the ramen? Well this one actually came with RAW INGREDIENTS AND INSTRUCTIINS ON HOW TO COOK RAMEN!!! UM???? It was not specified anywhere on the menu that the ramen was a ‘cook at home meal’. I tried to call the restaurant to request a refund but there is no phone number listed on Google. Do NOT order food from this place!!!
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Gemma Boccabella
One of my all time favorites. Yes, they sometimes take forever to deliver, there is no tracking and they are notoriously hard to contact, however the food makes up for it. I was surprised when I once received uncooked noodles but now I just specify “cooked noodles please” when ordering. The uncooked ones are incredibly fresh and delicious but honestly I can’t be bothered doing that myself so including it in the description is no issue. They have never ignored a note I’ve left. My go to is the vegan chicken curry laksa and I think I’ve eaten it 50 times
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Paulina Sanchez
They were super late with the order and the food was horrible and cold, not what is pictured on uber eat. I would never buy food from this restaurant again.
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