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McDonald's 2380

Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: Cnr Conadilly &, Elgin St, Gunnedah NSW 2380

Phone: (02) 6742 6680


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View the full menu from McDonald’s – Gunnedah in Gunnedah 2380 and place your order online. Wide selection of Burgers food to have delivered to your door.

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View the full menu from McDonald’s – Gunnedah in Gunnedah 2380 and place your order online. Wide selection of Burgers food to have delivered to your door.


Kathryn Richards
The burgers were well made so the staff in the back were obviously doing a good job but as for the rest of them . . . terrible! The staff didn’t even speak to you. They just threw your food in front of you & walked away. When we requested new fries because ours were soggy & cold the lady just grabbed them & threw them in the bin & snapped that it would take 3 minutes to make new ones. What ever happened to customer service??? I’ve never been to McDonald’s & had such bad service, will never go back.
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Craig Anthony
If you are old like me you remember when Macca’s was a decent place to eat. You were greeted with a smile and the food was value for money. That all changed … I think when they introduced the phrase “Next waiting”. Next waiting is (to me) an expression of exasperation. It is an expression from someone who sees customers as an interference, a troublesome bother. It is hard to say next waiting with a smile. Instead of “Hi what can I get you today” we are greeted with “Next waiting”. Seven words cut down to just two. It’s a symbol of McDonald’s corporate mentality. Make everything as fast and cheap as possible. Cut everything down to the absolute minimum. The food. The service. The smiles. About the only thing they haven’t cut down is the number of serviettes they stuff in your bag … probably because the staff just don’t care what they dish up. I sometimes look at the serviettes and think they may be provided to make up for the ever diminishing portion sizes at Macca’s. Maybe next time I will try eating a couple with a burger. It may actually improve the taste and texture.
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Anna Green
Great new makeover and seriously sensational play area for the kids. Staff are lovely and the food and coffee is great. Perfect stop while travelling to grab a bite and let the kids have a run around.
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Michelle Dowell
We ordered a Sticky BBQ Angus meal and a ham, cheese & tomato toastie. We discovered once we got home the angus burger had absolutely NO angus on it. We couldn’t believe our eyes when my daughter opened the burger to discover there was no beef patty on it. If that wasn’t bad enough, the toastie appeared to only be toasted on one side, one side soggy and the other toasted, and the chips were cold. I rang and complained and was told we would get s free meal when next there. I don’t think i will even bother to take the freebie, just not good enough. Also, I don’t know what it is but Gunnedah Maccas always smothers it’s burgers in way too much sauce. The filling literally slides off the bun.
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Gavin Dyett
Easter Sunday, normally not a McDonald’s coffee drinker. Congratulations to the young girl that made my coffee, you did a fantastic job. Not only a well made coffee but a little hand drawn bunny on the lid. Happy Easter.
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Robert Burdon
Very nice, aquired one of the 3 seating areas in the warm sun. Big Mac deal had a different sauce but eatable.
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Was told to wait in the waiting bay for fries. Sat in the bay for 15 minutes before going inside to ask whst was wrong. Only to be told uhh sorry someone was supposed to have taken that out.
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Shonelle May
Chips were literally undercooked, my hash brown were cold and gave me 5 nuggets instead of six. Worst McDonald’s
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Mike Woods
Got to hand it to Macca’s Gunnedah for the best cappuccino in Gunnedah. Thanks to ‘Steph’ for that magic touch that makes the cappuccino so great.
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Sandra Osmond
Staff friends coming in were very boisterous, loud and annoying. Why does 5 or 6 female and male young ones need to occupy the disabled toilet at the same time…please reply!!!
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