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Monday11am–2pm, 5–9pm
Tuesday11am–2pm, 5–9pm
Wednesday11am–2pm, 5–9pm
Thursday11am–2pm, 5–9pm
Friday11am–2pm, 5–9pm
Hours might differ
Saturday11am–2pm, 5–9pm

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Address: 75 George St, Launceston TAS 7250

Phone: (03) 6331 3775



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Order 3 Main Dish To Get A Free Large Special Fried Rice
If you order 3 Main Dish, you will get a free Large Special Fried Rice
Order 3 Main Dish to get a Free Large Special Fried RiceA$1.00
Lunch Special
Lunch Special (Half Fried Rice + Half Dish), Please mention dish name on Remark.
Lunch SpecialA$17.00
Sang Choy Bao
Sang Choy BaoA$16.50
Chicken Satay Stick(3)
Chicken Satay Stick(3)A$12.00
Salt & Pepper Squid(8)
Salt & Pepper Squid(8)A$16.50
House Spring Roll(4)
House Spring Roll(4)A$11.00
Steamed Dim Sim(4)
Steamed Dim Sim(4)A$11.00
Fried Dim Sim(4)
Fried Dim Sim(4)A$11.00
Fried Won Ton(6)
Fried Won Ton(6)A$11.00
Prawn Crackers
Prawn CrackersA$4.50
Crispy Noodles
Crispy NoodlesA$4.50
Westlake Beef Soup
Westlake Beef SoupA$11.00
Crab Meat & Spinach Soup
Crab Meat & Spinach SoupA$11.00
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Chicken & Sweet Corn SoupA$11.00
Short Soup
Short SoupA$11.00
Deep Fried Ling Fillet With Sweet&Sour Sauce
Deep Fried Ling Fillet with Sweet&Sour SauceA$23.50
Ling Fillet With Ginger&Shallot
Ling Fillet with Ginger&ShallotA$23.50
Spicy Salt New Zealand Whole Flounder
Spicy Salt New Zealand Whole FlounderA$23.50
Deep Fried Duck With Plum Sauce
Deep Fried Duck with Plum SauceA$29.50
Braised Duck With Combination Meat
Braised Duck with Combination MeatA$29.50
Stir Fried Shredded Duck With Bean Shoot
Stir Fried Shredded Duck with Bean ShootA$29.50
Braised King Prawn With Garlic Sauce
Braised King Prawn with Garlic SauceA$26.50
Braised King Prawn Szechuan Style
Braised King Prawn Szechuan StyleA$26.50
Deep Fried King Prawn With Honey Sauce
Deep Fried King Prawn with Honey SauceA$26.50
Braised King Prawn With Curry Sauce
Braised King Prawn with Curry SauceA$26.50
Sea Scallop With X.O. Sauce
Sea Scallop with X.O. SauceA$26.50
Sea Scallop With Black Bean Sauce
Sea Scallop with Black Bean SauceA$26.50
Braised Squid Szechuan Style
Braised Squid Szechuan StyleA$23.50
Deep Fried Squid With Salt&Pepper
Deep Fried Squid with Salt&PepperA$23.50
Deep Fried Chicken With Honey Sauce
Deep Fried Chicken with Honey SauceA$21.00
Boneless Chicken With Lemon Sauce
Boneless Chicken with Lemon SauceA$21.00
Chicken Fillet With Cashew Nut
Chicken Fillet with Cashew NutA$21.00
Chicken Fillet Szechuan Style
Chicken Fillet Szechuan StyleA$21.00
Beef With Satay Sauce
Beef with Satay SauceA$22.00
Beef With Black Bean Sauce
Beef with Black Bean SauceA$22.00
Beef With Seasonal Vegetables
Beef with Seasonal VegetablesA$22.00
Eye Fillet Chinese Style
Eye Fillet Chinese StyleA$32.00
Eye Fillet With Black Pepper Sauce
Eye Fillet with Black Pepper SauceA$32.00
Lamb With Mongolian Sauce
Lamb with Mongolian SauceA$23.50
Lamb With Black Pepper Sauce
Lamb with Black Pepper SauceA$23.50
Lamb With Ginger Shallot Sauce
Lamb with Ginger Shallot SauceA$23.50
Deep Fried Pork With Sweet & Sour Sauce
Deep Fried Pork with Sweet & Sour SauceA$22.00
Pork Fillet With Chili Plum Sauce
Pork Fillet with Chili Plum SauceA$22.00
Pork Spare Rib With Peking Sauce
Pork Spare Rib with Peking SauceA$22.00
Deep Fried Pork Rib With Salt & Pepper
Deep Fried Pork Rib with Salt & PepperA$22.00
Hot Pot
Seafood & Tofu Hot Pot
Seafood & Tofu Hot PotA$26.50
Braised Beef Shin
Braised Beef ShinA$22.00
Grandma’s Bean Curd Szechuan Style
Grandma’s Bean Curd Szechuan StyleA$21.00
Chinese Cabbage With Rice Vermicelli
Chinese Cabbage with Rice VermicelliA$19.00
King Prawn Omelette (GF)
King Prawn Omelette (GF)A$26.50
Chicken Omelette (GF)
Chicken Omelette (GF)A$21.00
Combination Omelette (GF)
Combination Omelette (GF)A$25.50
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Vegetarian Spring RollA$11.00
Vegetable & Tofu Soup (GF)
Vegetable & Tofu Soup (GF)A$11.00
Buddhist Vegetarian With Bean Curd (GF)
Buddhist Vegetarian with Bean Curd (GF)A$19.00
Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu (GF)
Salt & Pepper Silken Tofu (GF)A$19.00
Chinese Seasonal Vegetable(Stir Fried) (GF)
Chinese Seasonal Vegetable(stir fried) (GF)A$19.00
Chinese Seasonal Vegetable(Steamed) (GF)
Chinese Seasonal Vegetable(steamed) (GF)A$19.00
Vegetarian Omelette (GF)
Vegetarian Omelette (GF)A$19.00
Vegetarian Singapore Noodle (GF)
Vegetarian Singapore Noodle (GF)A$19.00
Vegetarian Fried Rice (GF)
Lo Han Braised Vegetable (GF)
Lo Han Braised Vegetable (GF)A$19.00
Noodle & Rice
Seafood Chow Mein (GF)
Seafood Chow Mein (GF)A$26.50
Chicken Chow Mein (GF)
Chicken Chow Mein (GF)A$21.00
Singapore Noodle (GF)
Singapore Noodle (GF)A$21.00
Dried Fried Rice Noodle With Beef
Dried Fried Rice Noodle with BeefA$22.00
Special Fried Rice
Steamed Rice
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Reviews & Complaints

John Jocys
Lack of service and food quality. Order taken but drinks order was not taken. Had to wait for the other waitress and when drinks were delivered the Diet Coke was flat and Tonic Water delivered instead of Sparkling Water. We ordered chicken Sang Choy Bao and got beef in the smallest lettuce leaf ever seen. Chicken and corn soup took over 40 mins to arrive. Overall a very unpleasant experience and would not recommend this restaurant.
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Mark Hall
We tried entrees, mains and desserts and it was all absolutely delicious! The service was a little slow but definitely worth the wait. Would definitely recommend this place for Chinese cuisine in Launceston – I wish we could get this quality food in our home town!
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What has happened ? This place before Christmas was superb and fast pick up and delivery. I have also experienced a two and half hour wait which ended up being cancelled ( just after Christmas ). New owners ? Owners away ? I would love to see this place return to how it was. Everything was delicious and fresh. Any good recent reviews ?
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ordered black pepper beef and s/p squid. Beef slices were size of a penny at best, probably 20% tiny beef slices and 80%veg. beef disintegrated into powdery mushy bits when chewed, and sauce were way too salty and runny. S/P Squid was somewhat decently okay, chewy, gummy but flavour was good. saving grace of the meal was the vege fried rice. perhaps we caught them at a busy hour, thus producing poor quality food.
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Worst experience in Launceston
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gogo cheng (GOGO)
Totally disappointed!!! 超雷不推 毀了我的除夕夜
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Gemma Wisby
Delicious!! Hubby and I were in Launceston for the night and this was by far THE BEST Chinese food we have ever eaten. The Satay Chicken was Amazing and the Spring Rolls so Yummy! Fresh ingredients were used for all the dishes, a must do when in Launceston.
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Marian Jacobs
I m easy but what a terrible experience, no service after serving our drinks, after 60 min we left. Even if there’s an issue with slow service, being acknowledged would help. and dishes at other tables were served one by one.
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I order the spring rolls for $9 but not getting 4pcs, only three pcs in one serve. And the lady told me for dine in I only can get 3 pcs. That’s so funny. I pay the same price but just because I choose dine in so I only can have 3 pcs.
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Paul Callanan
Great licensed restaurant we stumbled across.
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