SSAM Korean BBQ & Mini Hot Pot

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SSAM Korean BBQ & Mini Hot Pot 6100

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Tuesday5–9:30 pm
Wednesday5–9:30 pm
Thursday5–9:30 pm
Friday11 am–2:30 pm, 5–9:30 pm
Saturday11 am–2:30 pm, 5–9:30 pm
Sunday11 am–2:30 pm, 5–9:30 pm
Monday11 am–2:30 pm, 5–9:30 pm

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Address: 313 Albany Hwy, Victoria Park WA 6100

Phone: (08) 6162 8623


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Haemul-Jjim (Spicy)
A spicy braised dish with blue crab, prawn, octopus, half shell mussel, squid tube, tentacle, clam, rice cake, mushroom, bean sprouts and vegetables-share for 2 people – with side dishes and hot stone steamed egg
Lunch Special
Gimbab & Plain Udon$30.00
Fried Set
Chicken Katsu
Deep Fried crumbled with steamed rice, homemade sauce, chips and salad
Prawn Katsu (8 Pcs)
Deep fried crumbled with steamed rice, homemade sauce, chips and salad
Main dish
Sizzling Spicy Marinated Squid With Rice$28.70
Chilli Marinated Pork (Spicy)
With steamed rice, assorted vegetable and side dishes
Sweet Soy Sauce Marinate Beef
With steamed rice, assorted vegetable and side dishes
Chilli Marinated Chicken (Spicy)
With steamed rice, assorted vegetable and side dishes
fried noodles
Seafood Fried Rice$26.30
Kimchi Fried Rice$23.80
Steamed Rice$4.20
Vegetable Fried Rice$23.90
Stone Pot
Kimchi-Jjim (Spicy)
Braised pork neck and Kimchi stew with glass noodles and potatoes
Spicy stew with soft tofu, mix seafood, egg, glass noodles, vegetable
Gal Bi Tang
beef short rib clear soup cooking with radish, spring onion and glass noodles
Soybean paste based stew with vegetable, mushroom and tofu
Kimchi-Jjigae (Spicy)
Kimchi stew with pork, vegetable and tofu
Al Jjim$89.90
Heamul Jjim(Spicy)
A spicy braised dish with blue crab, prawns, octopuses, half shell mussels, squid tubes, tentacles, clams, rice cakes, mushrooms, bean sprouts & vegetable.
Grilled Eel Meal$37.00
Mackerel Meals
Withsteamed rice, side dishes, special homemade dipping sauces, deep fried lotus root, slice onion and spring onion
StonePot Rice
Fish Eggs Bibimbap On Hot Stone-Pot
A steamed rice, assorted vegetable and egg with homemade chilli sauce to mix with
Vegetable And Tofu Bibimbap On Hot-Stone Pot
A steamed rice, assorted vegetable and egg with homemade chilli sauce to mix with
Beef Bibimbap On Hot Stone-Pot
A steamed rice, assorted vegetable and egg with homemade chilli sauce to mix with
Grilled Eel Bibimbap On Hot Stone-Pot$31.00
Plain Udon$16.70
Stir-Fried Meat With Udon$27.50
Fried Chicken With Sweet & Chilli Sauce Or Garlic Sweet Soy Sauce$25.20
Deep-Fried Vegetable Dumplings (4 Pcs)$7.20
Vegetable Croqyettes$8.40
Kimchi Pancake$24.00
Seafood Pancake$24.00
Cold Drinks$4.20
Heamul – Tang
A mild spicy stew with crab, prawn, squid tube, half shell mussel, baby octopus, tofu, rice cake and vegetable
Bulgogi Jeongol
Marinated beef stew with glass noodles, rice cake, mushroom, tofu, wonton and vegetable
Budae Jjigae
A mild spicy kimchi stew with ham, wonton, noodles, thin slice pork belly, baked bean, tofu and vegetable
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f&SSAM Korean BBQ & Mini Hot Pot. Website: Email: [email protected]. 313 Albany hwy Victoria Park WA Perth 6100. Page 15. 雪中梅.


Food was delicious, ordered the marinated set which had and assortment of pork, beef and chicken. The pictures in the menu can be deceiving as the portion of meats are quite generous. Marinate was good as meats were evenly flavored. Fried chicken was a disappointment as it lacked crispiness and taste was bland. Did not have much soy garlic sauce on it as well. Staff were courteous but not very attentive and struggled to get their attention.
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Matt L
Some of the best Korean flavours I’ve experienced in Perth. The venue is noisy and smoky (no proper exhaust suctions as it looks as though this place was originally designed for hotpot), and they have a lot of wait staff who aren’t always switched on and tend to walk past without noticing you.
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Emma Louise
Went here on a Friday evening, place was very packed and had a nice vibe. Staff were attentive. Never tried Korean BBQ before so they recommended some sets. Ordered the pork and marinated set. Really enjoyed the meats, was very flavourful. Not so keen on the potato thing in the pot not sure what it was but it’s a great night out and something different. Loved the Soju!! Will definitely come back with the family but won’t be dressing up next time. Just go in t shirt as your clothes will stink of smoke when you come out.
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Suphansa Namdach
I have a great time for dinner in here after finished from watched fireworks WADAY. The man have fringe hair he so cute and very friendly to us, I don’t know what his name but he working so good he always smiling and remind me when i was ordered too much food hahaha ( cause we 2 pp and have 1 kid ) i really like him. The food so good, i ordered beef set and pork belly for bbq OMG i got a lot and Hotpot soup so good. My little sister she so happy with chicken Kutsu. Thank you for giving a great service for us, we’ll comeback again
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Incredible food and customer service. Right from explaining how the menu works to the delicious taste of food, this place is definitely worth the hype!
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A very lively Korean BBQ restaurant with fresh food and good service.
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Yuuki G
Good food, quick service. The Chilli pork and seafood pancake was really good! But the tofu stew not the best.
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Julian Anderson
One of my friends booked us a table as a surprise dinner. I’ve not had a great experience with K-BBQ in the past and thought it wasn’t really for me, however SSAM completely converted me. The food was slightly more expensive than I was expecting, but incredibly good quality and the flavours coming through the meat were phenomenal. You get what you pay for.
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Natascha Sieg
Amazing korean bbq/hotpot at great value! My boyfriend and I really struggled to finish this even though it said it’s for two. This is the budae jjigae hotpot for $54.95 i believe. Comes with 3 sides. We were incredibly full! Will definitely be back with more people. The staff were also lovely and helpful 🙂
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Large and spacious with dark heavy decor. Has an Asian food hall vibe. It was empty when we arrived, later more people came to eat lunch too. It does seem to get smokey and a little stuffy when the bbq is used.
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