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Lee's Kitchen 2290

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Monday10 am–5 pm
Tuesday10 am–5 pm
Wednesday10 am–5 pm
Thursday10 am–5 pm
Friday10 am–5 pm
Saturday10 am–5 pm
Sunday10 am–5 pm

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Address: 30 Pearson St, Charlestown NSW 2290


Website: https://leeskitchencharlestownsquare.com.au/


BBQ Rice & Dishes
Soy Chicken With Rice$12.90
Roast Pork With Rice$12.90
Steamed Chicken With Rice$12.90
Curry King Prawn With Rice$15.90
Special Fried Rice$12.90
BBQ Pork With Rice$12.90
Sweet Rice Hot Pot$14.90
Seafood With Rice$13.90
Roast Duck With Rice$14.90
Porkchops With Rice$12.90
Stir Fried Noodle
Stir Fried Keow Teow$13.90
Braised Beef Satay Sauce With Flat Rice Noodle$12.90
Stir Fried Chicken & Flat Noodle With Satay Sauce$12.90
Braised Shredded Duck With Rice Rice Noodle$14.90
Stir Fried Flat Noodle With Beef, Chicken Or Pork$12.90
Braised Beef Or Chicken With Flat Rice Noodle$12.90
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle With Combination Or Seafood$13.90
Stir Fried Singapore Noodle$13.90
Stir Fried Hokkien Noodle With Beef, Chicken Or Pork$12.90
Braised Combination Or Seafood With Flat Rice Noodle$13.90
Combination Or Seafood Chow Mein With Soft Or Crispy Noodle$13.90
Chicken, Beef Or Pork Chow Mein With Soft Or Crispy Noodle$12.90
Mee Goreng$13.90
Stir Fried Flat Noodle With Combination Or Seafood$13.90
Stir Fried Chicken & Flat Noodle With Sweet Chilli Sauce$12.90
Side Dishes
Steamed Dim Sim (4 Pcs)$5.00
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Ty lee
Located at the Charlestown mall food court. The laksa was quite tasty and it came in a big bowl. The roasted pork and bbq pork rice were delicious too. You have to order, pay and wait to collect the food yourself to eat at the tables in the food court.
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I don’t usually write reviews but I am writing this one purely to warn other people. I ordered some honey chicken from this establishment and drove home before eating. As I was eating the chicken I noticed it was fairly pink. I checked every piece and every single one was raw. The honey coating was also soft, usually it is crispy. I cannot take it back as I am already home but make sure you are aware of the chicken you order from here.
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The laksa is a lot better than food court laksa ever needs to be. Don’t be dumb don’t order the food bar, get something off the menue.
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I came here to take my mother for Mother’s Day as she had been craving their stir fried noodles. We asked for a combination no pork with oyster sauce. They gave us a combination with pork and curry. We asked for them to make a new dish as this is not what we ordered and they did but still made it with pork. I then asked them to make a new one as we cannot eat pork due to religious reasons and they end up trying to pick out the pork one by one instead of making a new one, we told them we can’t wait it as the pork was still mixed into the dish but when the man spoke to his wife she just yelled and told him to refund the money. Disgusting customer service, if you have food restrictions or allergies don’t bother going here as they do not care at all!
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My favourite here: No. 32, No. 33 and fried chicken on skewer.
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Caleb C.G
Normally they are really good and nice but today the older man there was completely rude and rushing us to where me and my mothers anxiety peeked. I understand bad days but don’t take it out on your customers. Very sad to write this but needed to be said.
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Wick Eastly
Been to this Lee’s kitchen a few times now and the food is always excellent! Great serving size and great price. A big recommendation if you are in the square! Staff are very friendly too.
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My friend had the greatest looking dish delivered from Menulog. Braised duck with noodles. Top completely covered in gorgeous big chunks of duck. I make sure I order the exact same dish in store, and I had at least 85% Less meat and so much sauce. Mainly just meat skin in mine. Not 1 chunk of duck like I tried from the top of me mates dish. Pathetic. I won’t eat here at all now out of spite and principal. Can’t just Rob people like that. 17 dollars for some noodles sugar and soy sauce. Bloody un-Australian. Open your eyes and pay attention Lee’s kitchen. Consistency needed for ongoing success.
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Simon Haycock
Best Laksa I have ever tasted especially the BBQ and the Roast Pork ones yum yum and the staff look after you too
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Alex Boulton
Probably one of the best and well balanced laksa’s out there. The flavours really hit the right notes.
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