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Cave Man BBQ Freo 6160

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Address: 4 Henderson St, Fremantle WA 6160



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This has got to be one of the best burger places in Perth. We had the Caveman double burger and the beef patty was so delicious. It was juicy and the seasoning spot on.
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Nathan Whyte
Looked lovely. Food was very average. Ordered the triple caveman burger. The patties were very, very dry and over cooked. Whole burger was dry to be exact. Mrs ordered the spicy chicken caveman burger. Had zero spice/heat. Nice crispy chicken though. Brioche buns were like eating a big yellow sponge. Choked down the burgers. The fries were underdone – tasty but needed another minute or two in the fryer. The wings tasted really strange. Almost fishy. Not sure what oil they were using. The hot sauce on the wings was just vinegar. The choice of that garden loose leaf lettuce in the burgers and garnish was a shocker. And garnishing the wings with it was even stranger. Kept having to peel off wilted leaves of lettuce stuck to the wings. This joint really needs improvement in all areas and it could be great. It’s lucky it’s surrounded by asian food in a food court and has a cornered market.
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hey’look a’panda
Excellent service, great team and absolutely superb food. Hands down one of the best burger joints SOR. Consistently great food!
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Matt Cooper
Well priced, good size serve, nice strong well balanced flavours. Loses one star for fries instead of chips and not enough meat in burger (100g at most). But a solid feed and I’d return if in the area.
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Albert Kristian
Wowww what a generous portion! Cider maple pork ribs was the champion! Le french special menu burger was really tasty and unique.
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Brodie Johns
Great burgers, great flavors !! Good to talk burgers with the owner, and ask for the off-menu items when you’re there. Had the maple bacon double with inverted bun.. ACE
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Adrian Vujcic
One of the few rare places that will make you a Keto meal. The Keto caveman burger was amazing! Great friendly service. Will be going back for sure.
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Adam Goor
Awesome food. Great price. Lovely service. Just wishing I lived closer (and within range of Uber eats!)
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Sam Carton
First off, the Australia day lamb burger was fantastic. Wife loved it, and the one bite I had was great, full of flavour and all round tasty.
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Alicia Harwood
Had the philly cheese burger (think that’s what it was called) today, and kids had Dino nuggets. Chips were awesome, think I preferred the plain kids ones to the spiced adult ones. But both were good. The burgers were amazing! The cheese toasted on the bun was beautiful and the meat so tender and yummy. Great service and advice. Thanks.
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