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Subway® is a fresh alternative to traditional fast food, with around 1350 restaurants across Australia. Subway® restaurants serve freshly-prepared subs, salads, wraps, paninis and more – with options for breakfast, lunch, dinner and anytime in-between. Every Subway Footlong® and Subway Six Inch® sandwich is made with your choice of freshly baked bread, high-quality meats, fresh veggies as well as flavour-packed sauces and seasonings. The menu at Subway® restaurants includes a selection of mouth-watering cookies and cold drinks, making a great meal with your sub, salad, wrap or panini. Subway® restaurant guests can dine-in or take away, with third-party delivery available in selected Australian cities. Catering options are also available.

Casual counter-serve chain for build-your-own sandwiches & salads, with health-conscious options.

Service Options:  Dine-in · Takeaway · No delivery



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Address: Shop 3/772 Nicklin Way, Currimundi QLD 4551

Phone: (07) 5493 6111


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Reviews & Complaints

Brittany Slatter
some ways subway could improve? sorry to say but they could improve by firing the new girl who doesn’t seem to listen at all! capsicum and cucumber are totally different thing’s and totally different words, sorry they start with the same sound, she also is very slow and puts hardly any of the things you ask for on your sub. would have made more money if she wasn’t so bad at the job.
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emma gardiner
Rude staff! get over the mask thing honestly leave people alone like all the other businesses do. Keep in that discrimination lane and you will go under fast! to the OWNER” your not going to get a fine mate I’d be more concerned about loosing your “business” hope you see the light soon regards,
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Scott W
I had a great experience here. For those that are whining about the mask rules, it wasn’t Subway that decided to make you wear masks. That’s your elected officials. Better vote for someone else next time.
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Dominick Hopkins-Barker
worst subway i have been to, took me almost half an hour to be done in there with no customers. one worker had nails on other worker had gloves on and put his finger in his ear and kept the gloves on. they served me and left my partner waiting. having conversations, didn’t know what was going on made my parters wrap and walked off with it and grilled it without asking what sauce she wants. left my food sitting out of the oven while running around like headless chooks and then did the missus salads and i had to ask for mine to be done. when none of them where doing anything they still didn’t do my salads. when i was time for me to pay they all started talking making us sit there even longer. so glad i don’t live here!
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cherrice blank
Girl who served me yesterday, was polite and had a lovely conversation with me. They were very busy and looked stressed but the girls did an amazing job handling it, very impressed!
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Terry Spry
This restaurant is always closed 45 minutes before the advertised closing time.
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Sarah Bannon (Sarah Bannon)
Never met such a rude group of females, the other customers and myself were appalled at their poor attitudes. Definitely won’t be going to this subway again. Customer service and a smile goes a long way.
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billie elish
i feel for the staff at this store they constantly get verbally abused by other customers because of having to ask if they have a “mask” or “checked in” i’ve have witnessed many karen’s walk in and staff have been nothing but polite and respectful to then get screamed at and put down. THIS ISNT THERE RULE OR CHOICE TO ASK YOU! IT IS THE GOVERNMENTS! GROW UP AND GET A LIFE people act like this whole mask thing and check in has happened over night like honestly. stop treating staff like they are pieces of dirt they are humans too! keep your head up guys
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Refused service because I had no mask even though I said I have an exemption. I’ve been in this very shop with the staff that have masks pulled down on their chin. Double standards! The shop next door got my money instead.
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Sidharth Arora
Unprofessional and Rude Staff. I don’t know who the fat lady was but she was rude. Excuse me. If you don’t want to serve say directly, atleast don’t insult in front of the whole public. Rude staff. ILL mannered
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