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Address: 22 Hoods Rd, Gatton QLD 4343

Phone: (07) 5466 3200


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Reviews & Complaints

Gaylene Callander
Please be aware of another lunatic driver with this organisation driving a ute 289TFN on Warrego and Ipswich Motorway today. Tailgating, abusing, flashing lights and using the horn for no use whatsoever. Absolute half wit!
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easygamer425 :p
They don’t care about your safety and you’re expected to put your life at risk and if you get injured they will try to fire you before you can report them to HR, there are tasks and duties that they do not teach you in the introduction courses they provide and they are unfriendly to any Australian that wishes to work for their company
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Ann-Marie Roache
Hope your company has great insurance!!! You will need it if whoever drives 15RTP keeps driving the way they do. I was driving along Peak Downs Highway when they began tailgating me. They weren’t happy that I was only doing the speed limit. They then slowed down flashed their lights at me and then sped up to tailgate me again. Several other times they slowed down and then sped up hoping to scare me into speeding im guessing. Finally they passed me and beeped at me as they did. Noticed a little bit later they began tailgating a mini bus full of people being taken to work at a mine site. Don’t think this driver cares if they kill someone with their dangerous driving…..
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Ethan West
Excellent company to deal with, operations staff are wonderful at there job and very helpful. This is obviously a Safety Conscious Australian Grown company that trys there hardest to do the right thing while delivering a high quality of service. Great Work Team!
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Run away from this place. They wont listen to you if you have any issue in the workplace. They prefer you to quit and hire another one. They don’t care at all about you! Run, run, run!!
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Hamish Matheson
To the dangerous driver of 15RTP….you tailgated me for 30km north of Grafton when i had 3 cars in front of me on a single lane roadwork zone so couldnt go anywhere…..I have video of your dangerous driving. You drove up a shoulder to try and overtake us and almost wiped me and my family off the road and into an oncoming B double. Rugby transport needs to stop this guy… owners you need to protect normal road users who were not holding this driver up. What is most disappointing is that he had his own young child in the front seat of his rig…..yet does not care about potentially wiping out other young families. This needs serious investigation
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A good place where to work to obtain the second WHV. If you’re good, and fast, you will get a lot of opportunities of earning money. Also a nice place to meet new people of all over the world, and see different cultures.
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Seth Tims
Terrible place to work, treat their workers like slaves and fire them for no reason. No talking on the factory floor and no breaks
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Greta G
It’s a good farm for backpacker to get 2nd or 3rd visa. Work from Monday- Saturday and normally more than 30 hours per week.
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Matthew Guy
Great effort by the driver of RTP5 on Oct 5th. My wife collided with a ute who attempted to cross the Warrego without looking, the truck weaved through with inches to spare missing everything.
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