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Classic, long-running fast-food chain known for its burgers & fries.

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Address: 208 Beaufort St, Perth WA 6000

Phone: (08) 9227 1005



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Bella Yang
I just wonder why this girl hasn’t been resigned. Excuse me????Because it is close to my home, I always come to this branch. Once, this girl flirted with her coworker, missing some of my items.There were several times that her attitude is sooooo horrible to the customer.Today I was here to collect my items again. She just kept flirting with her coworker. I tried to talk to her several times, but she pretended not to see it.I’m kind of speechless now. Is it really so difficult to recruit front desk staff now?
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Perry Dowd
This is my local. The staff are always great. They keep it clean, they’re always attentive and the service is second to none.A big shout out to the barristers. They always do a perfect coffee. ☕
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Jamal Robinson
Very poor experience.I came in at around 4pm, and waited 5 minutes just to order a single crispy snack wrap happy meal! I also ordered an iced chai latte (add espresso shot, add vanilla syrup) and they didn’t make it right after a 15 minute wait! When my food was finally ready, they gave me a cheeseburger instead of a wrap. I was about to miss my bus to work, so I decided just to take it and leave.
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Collin Kerr
If you’ve ran out of the toys that come with the kids happy meal, have the audacity to tell your customers. Not have them drive 20 minutes after ordering via drive through, only to discover that you failed to do your job right!Not impressed!
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L M Taylor
11.40am Sat 9/7/22 My order was correct, the very young guy was polite and did his job well in the Drive-thru. The woman with him, who gave me my mocha, was clearly sick. She should not have been at work. I saw her pick up a used tissue and wipe her nose with it then put it down (I’m not sure if she put it on the counter or if there was a bin). She had no mask on, I didn’t see her sanitise her hands after touching the tissue. The best case scenario is that she had allergies… However, right now the flu/colds and Covid are everywhere. She could be spreading a virus to all of her colleagues and all the customers. We are all fully aware of how these viruses are spread and how to minimise the spread! #1 Stay home if you are unwell #2 Take precautions to reduce the spread. I called the store, there was no reply, that’s why I’m posting this.
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Haydon Thomason
Can’t do a NO STAR review, unfortunately.Worse service I’ve ever experienced.Ordered via the Maccas App ahead to save time, upon arrival, order was unclear and was asked to proceed to the window. Where we sat for 15 minutes to no response from any personnel.Drove forward to the retrieval window and the immediate vehicle behind us was serviced.Personnel did not acknowledge myself or my order once until I had walked inside after a total of 40 minutes in the drive through and waiting bay.To top it all off,After an additional 25 minutes waiting in the waiting bay after walking in, I was asked to proceed back through the drive through to repeat the entire process, Pay for the entire order again.DISGUSTING!
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Philip Hoefer
Very clean and prompt service. Enjoyed the food, it was fresh and warm. Use your phone and scan QR code on desks to dine in. Will be back for sure.
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Stalian \
I ordered 4 mc value boxes and when i got them the chips were very cold. I dropped some on the floor and tasted it, this made them okay for human consumption.Please help me.
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Nik Newland
Not a good idea having 14 yr old at the counter serving when they have no clue wat they are doing and it’s friday nightMy eftpos card dosnt work in the drive thru so instead of trying another eftpos or paying somewhere else I was told no food cause ur machines don’t work. I went in the store and wow it worked funny that and after all that a cold f@$king meal. Good job
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Jeeju Hudson
Ordered an Aussie Angus burger on drive through, received a burger that doesn’t have cheese, onion rings, bacon and beetroot (key ingredients)!!! Seems like someone is learning to make burgers on actual orders without any supervision????? Better check your orders before leaving the site!!!
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