Jom Makan Makan

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Tuesday12–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm
Wednesday12–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm
Thursday12–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm
Friday12–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm
Saturday12–2:30pm, 5–8:30pm

Address and Contact Information

Address: 6/475 Payneham Rd, Felixstow SA 5070

Phone: 0401 811 837



Savoury (comes with a choice of dhal curry, curry chicken sauce, sambal, combine them or flood it!)
Roti Canai
Recipe from Malaysia, there is no roti like a true roti canai. Hand flipped to ensure crisp texture on the outside and soft fluffy texture on the inside!
Roti Cheese
Hand flipped roti filled with cheese!
Roti Telur
Hand flipped square shaped roti with an egg cooked on the inside!
Roti Telur Bawang
Roti filled with egg and onions! An omelette lover’s delight!
Roti Tiger Toastie
Hand flipped roti filled with Vegemite and cheese! A classic Australian brekkie made the Malaysian way
Sweet Roti
Roti Milo
Roti filled with delicious, malty, Malaysian Milo!
Roti Pisang
Hand flipped roti filled with delicious Australian Bananas! Go Bananas for this!
Roti Kaya
Hand flipped roti filled with delicious homemade kaya (coconut egg jam)!
Roti Pisang Milo
Chocolaty Malaysian Milo and Bananas in a roti?! Need we say more!
Roti Bom
Indulge your inner sweet tooth with this sweeter, richer, and thicker roti!
Roti Rolls
Rempah n Roll
Spiced fried chicken, cucumber, hard boiled egg, and Jom Makan Makan’s secret sauce all wrapped up in a crispy yet fluffy roti!
Rendang n Roll
Tender and flavourful beef rendang wrapped up in a crispy yet fluffy roti with hard boiled egg, cucumber, onions, and sambal!
Nasi Lemak
Fragrant coconut rice accompanied by fried anchovies, peanuts, sambal, cucumber, and hard boiled egg. Quite arguably Malaysia’s national dish!
Nasi Lemak w/ Ayam Goreng Rempah
Nasi lemak with Jom Makan-Makan’s whole spiced fried chicken maryland, passionately crafted using our very own 11 secret herbs and spices!
Nasi Lemak w/ Curry Chicken
Nasi lemak served with curry chicken maryland. This recipe has been entrusted to us by the best mates mom!
Nasi Lemak w/ Beef Rendang
Nasi lemak served with beef rendang that has been braised for hours to ensure a tender and flavour filled dish!
Nasi Lemak w/ Curry Vegetables
Nasi lemak served with fragrant curry consisting of an array of seasonal vegetables mixed into it!
Curry Laksa (Vegetarian option available)
A bowl of goodness that consists of rice vermicelli and Hokkien noodles in rich, aromatic, creamy broth that is topped off with our famous Ayam Goreng Rempah fillet!
Extra sides
Extra dipping sauce (dhal curry, curry chicken sauce, sambal)
Ayam Goreng Rempah
Curry Chicken
Beef Rendang
Vegetable Curry
Extra Fragrant Coconut Rice
A bowl of goodness consisting of pandan starch noodles, gula Melaka syrup, coconut milk, creamed corn, and red beans!
Black Glutinous Rice Dessert (Bubur Hitam)
Soft black glutinous rice dessert that is creamy in texture and topped with salty coconut milk!
Teh Tarik (Hot/Cold)
Malaysian sweetened milk tea, ‘pulled’ to deliver a frothy top
Milo (Hot/Cold)
Malaysia’s favourite chocolate drink!
Air Bandung
Rose milk best served cold!
Kopi Tarik (Hot/Cold)
Malaysian white coffee
Soft Drinks
Coke varieties, Sprite, Bottled water
Corona Zero
Non alcoholic beer
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We are a Malaysian eatery that offer classic Malaysian food and beverages such as Nasi Lemak and… 6/475 Payneham Road, Felixstow, SA, Australia 5070.

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Reviews & Complaints

Jasmine Huo
Very sad experience last night. I was disappointed with Only 4 pieces of Beef Rendang on a price of $9.5. I rang the restaurant, been told that ” it’s 4 pieces because it’s ‘ extra sides’. ” I also bought two roti on around $8 each piece, roti size is quite small for this price. Also ordered lasi lamark with chicken for $17, not worth it, refer to the photo.
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Malcolm Lee
Good thing it wasn’t too crowded for lunch, as there aren’t too many tables in this small restaurant, but the food was really good. I always come back for the Rempah n Roll. They had Chicken Satay today, and it was very satisfying. Love the satay sauce. Will be back.
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Elijah Davin
When I walked in the shop, the smell was great and I got super excited. However, the food was only mediocre, and wasn’t special. It’s definitely more suited towards locals in terms of taste. (Not spicy and roti was sweet which was really bizarre)
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Daniel Tay
Wait was very long when I went but it could be due to manpower issues. Sambal suits the Australian palate and beef rendang was fragrant.
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Sohan Pramod
This is our fourth time coming to Jom Makan Makan and every time we are more then impressed with the food. We come here because my father is from Malaysia and he is very critical on authentic Malaysian food and he absolutely loves it here. I would highly recommend this restaurant to anyone wanting authentic and delicious Malaysian food. Also a bonus that the chef was very kind to us and asked how our meals were.
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Chen Joyce
So fortunate to have this authentic Malaysian restaurant in our area. The chicken laksa was beyond my expectations as it was NOT overly coconut milk infused. Definitely will come back again!
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KittyKitt Kat
Small cosy restaurant, impressed with the authentic flavour and genuine taste of the simple classics. Would come back and try other dishes.
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Geraldine Lee
Definitely one of the most authentic Malaysian restaurant in Adelaide by far! Would be back again soon to try out the rest of the menu!
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Lai Fong Yap
The good:
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Hanmo Li
Lunch at @jom.makan.makan: decided to have some classic Malaysian food, which was really tasty! It’s just a shame that it’s a bit out of the way, but nice to see the shop full of Asians (mostly Malaysians). Will return to try other things!
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