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The Japanese Garden ‘Ju Raku En’ (roughly translated to mean ‘to enjoy peace and longevity in a public place’) is one of Australia’s largest and most traditionally designed Japanese stroll garden. It is a beautiful and tranquil place to sit and reflect or catch up with family and friends.

Formal Japanese-style university garden with a mountain-style stream, bridge & azalea-covered hill.



Address and Contact Information

Address: LOT 55 Regent St, Darling Heights QLD 4350

Phone: (07) 4631 2100

Website: https://www.usq.edu.au/about-usq/locations/toowoomba/japanese-garden

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Reviews & Complaints

Nikki Prime (Ocean)
Beautiful spot for a stroll or to sip on a takeaway coffee and read a book.
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Sandy Walker
I’ve visited these gardens twice now and they are just so beautiful.
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daphne parker
Such a shame that on our last visit the ibis’ have stripped bare the tree in the lake (and their droppings were on the seats/bridge rails), the pine trees and shrubs were not trimmed (karikomi) – it didn’t look well maintained and the turtles were thickly covered with moss (?). While “feeding ducks” can be fun, it is not good for them – there should be a sign indicating same. Please get volunteers (USQ?) to keep this beautiful garden in the tradition it was meant.
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Jennifer Hamilton
A lovely little Japanese Gardens next to the University campus in Toowoomba.
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Stellar Lare
Just beautiful! Such a serene, tranquil spot for a rest. A delight to wander through a beautifully designed garden.
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Kathleen Moulder
Beautiful gardens that was an easy walk for most people. The best places were a little harder for anyone with mobility issues but still well worth your time.
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Zoe Fajdiga
Love this place! Heaps of wildlife such as ducks, turkeys, turtles and other birds, beautiful flora and iconic japanese structures. A must visit for those who want to try something new!
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Travel Eat Yoga
Best experienced in Japanese Garden. Beautiful setting of the bridges, varian of wonderful floral arrangement. Visitors can have a seat on benches, another intersting attraction is a number of ducks, turtles and of course Ibis.
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Darryl Scott
Always a great place to visit. The garden changes with the seasons and you can always discover something new
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Sean Smith
Beautiful well kept gardens, very peaceful and interesting to walk around.
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