Hungry Jack’s Burgers Thornlie

  3.3 – 481 reviews  $ • Fast food restaurant

Long-running fast-food chain for generous beef & chicken burgers, plus ice cream & soft drinks.

Service Options:  Dine-in · Drive-through · Delivery



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Address: Spencer Village Shopping Ctre, 210 Spencer Rd, Thornlie WA 6108

Phone: (08) 6154 5694



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Get directions to Hungry Jack’s at Thornlie WA or view opening hours. We offer delivery, pre order, drive thru & vegan options. The burgers here are better!

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Hungry Jack’s Burgers Thornlie is open 7 days a week ( Thursday to Wednesday). Please contact the business for actual opening hours.

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Clients don’t like grilled chicken at this fast food. Hungry Jack’s Burgers Thornlie is suitable for guests who eat in a hurry as they can …

Reviews & Complaints

bernie russell
Don’t even bother going there!Wasted $45 yesterday on whoppers,chips and nuggets.Burgers and chips were cold especially when I asked for fresh hot chips, meat patties weren’t cooked through.One bonus, my dogs loved the nuggets.Good luck.Bernie.
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Robyn Pearce
Once again, the burger was cold, the grilled chicken was dry and they added far too much Mayo and there was hardly any lettuce. The chips were cold.and their ice machine wasn’t working so drinks without ice.Thus is the third time we have had a bad experience at this store!
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Zhao Zijing
Half way thru eating my burger i see a pie is of hair on it… none of the employees were wearing hairnets either
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Sonya Burns
Ordered 2 large combos with chips plus two large onion rings. Missed the chips. Didn’t include utensils as specifically requested, burgers falling apart and staff are increciy rude, they don’t even bother to look at you at the pay Window, just holds the atm out the window and they barely do more than that at the food service window.
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Minta Donohoe
Left a whole meal out… absolutely stone cold. my dinner too the kids… I’m a diabetic needing too eat. Down for a holiday/medical reasons… expected us too pay for a uber too get the rest of meal. Menulog don’t refund straight away. Now left too order another meal…
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Xnja Lili
Ordered 2 large coffees with 4 shots and got charged 50c 8x for extra shots. When I asked what the standard coffee shots were for the coffee sizes no one had any idea except to point at the cup and say “about this much coffee”. So yeah you’ll get charged $5 for a cup of milk and 50c for every shot of coffee you want with it.
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Ritchie Mathieson
Went drive thru at 6pm and got ..’We have No beef’??? Hungry jacks with no beef is like KFC with no chicken …shut the shop up and close early…
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Dillon Brehaut
Work as a driver for this store on occasion. Very standard to wait 5 or more minutes to even be acknowledged by a staff member and then usually a long wait on food as well. We are the proxy between you and your customer we are contracted to pick the food up for you and yet get treated like garbage. Do better and start respecting your drivers.
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Colin Tran
Hard to really fault a Hungry Jacks.It was a relatively okay store, but the interior may need to re-brightened, because it felt quick dark when dining in.The food appears quite fresh, but since I didn’t eat a large range in their menu, I can’t confirm whether everything else was top notch.My only concern is that the location of the store is oddly located far and behind the bridge the crosses over the train line, but at least it is still accessible from both sides.Overall, just another Hungry Jacks franchise.
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Duane Mckay
4 people working, finally got served just to have the girl get to the end of my order, cancel it and walk away to do something else. Had to wait for someone else to come and take my order, and then i still didn’t even get the correct order. Props to the girl that ran out the door to chase down the customer leaving drive through so she could give them their burger
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