Hungry Jack’s Burgers Arana Hills

  3.4 – 439 reviews  $ • Fast food restaurant

Long-running fast-food chain for generous beef and chicken burgers, plus ice cream and soft drinks.

Service Options:  Dine-in · Drive-through · No-contact delivery



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Address: Unit 12/1 Patricks Rd, Arana Hills QLD 4054

Phone: (07) 3351 3299



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Reviews & Complaints

Paul Heo
Today I bought a double cheeseburger meal from Hungry jacks at Arana Hills and when I opened my meal I was surprised with a very unsatisfactory burger. I took the burger back only to be laughed at by the staff,
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Darren Petersen
Drivethru busy, only 2 other customers inside waiting for order. Tool close to 10min to get our order. Booth Tables unsuitable for Dad bods or elderly with medical conditions and normal tables blocked off. Had to place a single chair at end of table for elderly FIL. Tables not cleaned. “NEW” Jack’s Fried Chicken burger put together by a “3yr old” it seems and chicken either not thawed out correctly before cooking or not cooked long enough. Not crispy at all and roll soggy. Chips hard unsalted and 30% black ends.
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Went in for what was supposed to be a quick bite. Ended up waiting half an hour for food, they tried to give our order to someone else. They let some little girl take one of our drinks right off the counter. And when we finally got to opening the burgers to eat, they weren’t what we ordered. Handed the food back without even eating and asked for our money back. No apology given and there was several other people with similar issues while we were there.
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O Damn
For everyone who has been complaining about the quality of food and customer service:
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Chris Carman
I’d seen some advertising for the sour slushies and the day was hot (insert Robin Williams movie reference )… went in and saw their “new” chicken burgers and decided to go all out.
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Leo Sauvage
Honestly its an awful place. Wasn’t expecting much for a $3.50 burger but man my low expectations were sunk even lower. Basically zero sauce and just horrific. Avoid this place at all costs as you will not get even get a half okay burger.
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Trent Burgess (Reaperfairy)
This hungry jacks really is disgusting because of their workers, the food is sometimes old and foul and that’s if you receive what you ordered. Far too many wrong orders and missing items far too many times. Workers are inexperienced when dealing with customers and their legitimate complaints. Will no longer be giving them my service as they aren’t worth the trouble anymore.
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Neil Lalwani
The jacks fried chicken burger was extremely juicy and moist inside in my mouth. Only one thing felt better in my mouth, and that was a juicy wet whopper. This burger was the first thing to finally let me forget about my tough childhood in the 90s. However my kid ran away from me and found his new girlfriend in the playground. Absolutely majestic experience .
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nicole garvin
Ordered the Pork Belly delux and it looked nothing better than a cheeseburger that had been stood on. All the buyers and chips were cold. Absolute waste of money. So disappointed
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Mitchell Price
I’ve eaten in some of the best restaurants in Europe and Japan, but this Hungry Jack’s was a step above. I don’t know if they’ve hired Michelin chefs in there, but the food was exquisite.
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