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The passion for real Chinese food began in 1970 on Norwood’s the Parade. Our first generation is known as one of the very first Chinese take away in the neighbourhood. In 2002, our iconic Fortuna Court Chinese Restaurant was born on the same site. For many it was a taste of home, for others, their first real mouthful of authentic Chinese cuisine. In April 2017, we transformed our vision and successfully revived our branding into Hsin Fortuna. The ancient Chinese definition of Hsin means ‘Appreciation’. Thus, signifying our ventures into modern Chinese Fusion, while continuously showing our appreciation of the old traditions. Come in and try for yourself; the best way to learn about our culinary culture is over a bowl of rice!

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Monday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm
Wednesday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm
Thursday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm
Friday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–10pm
Hours might differ
Saturday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–10pm
Sunday11:30am–2:30pm, 5–9:30pm

Address and Contact Information

Address: 217 The Parade, Norwood SA 5067

Phone: (08) 8332 1272

Website: https://www.hsinfortuna.com/


Menu Link: drive.google.com

Peking Duck (2 Courses)
A grade 19 gourmet duck, prepared in-house following an old recipe of four generations. Slow-roasted for four hours creating a thin and crispy layer of skin, with tender duck fillet underneath. First course served as an appetizer with D.I.Y. thin-rolled Chinese pancake and fresh condiments. Second course is a choice of Fried Rice/Noodle, Curry, Stir-fried Seasonal Vegetable, or San Choi Bow. Additional pancakes available at $10 per dozen. | Alternative Duck bone soup with tofu from $15.
Pan-Fried Pork Dumpling
Handmade dumplings of ground pork infused with Chinese herbs and spices, wrapped in thin layer of gourmet pastry, steamed then pan-fried to perfection, served with aromatic chilli oil and blended soy sauce on side.
Shallot Pancake
Homemade Cantonese ‘crumbling’ pancake with generous shallot and spring onion fillings.
Vegetarian Spring Roll
Three (3) pieces of Chinese traditional spring rolls, filled with shredded carrot, cabbage and rice vermicelli.
Steamed Dim Sim
Three (3) pieces of homemade steamed Dim Sim stuffed with marinated ground pork and wrapped in thin pastry.
Chicken Satay Sticks
Three (3) sticks of juicy Malaysian-style chicken thigh fillet, served with crunchy peanut buttery satay sauce.
Vietnamese Seafood Roll
Four (4) pieces of deep-fried minced seafood, wrapped in Vietnamese rice paper roll.
Ebisu Potato Prawn
Three (3) pieces of modern Japanese-French fusion of pommes frites and prawn tempura.
Prawn Fritter
Four (4) pieces of battered deep fried prawns, served with sweet and sour sauce on side.
Salt & Pepper Soft Shell Crab
Crispy quarter cut soft-shell crab, tossed with garlic, chilli, and salt & pepper.
San Choi Bow
Four (4) pieces of Chinese classic entrée of fresh lettuce cup with ground chicken, celery, and string beans filling.
Steamed Oyster Ginger & Shallot
A dozen of Coffin Bay oyster, steamed with ginger & shallot, and splashed with home-blend soy sauce.
Steamed Scallops XO Sauce
A dozen of half-shell scallops, steamed with vermicelli and XO sauce, finished with dash of searing oil.
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Taiwanese-style sweet corn soup with pulled chicken breast.
Creamy Chicken Mushroom Soup
Chicken breast fillets with fresh sliced mushroom, cooked in creamy pepper broth.
Wonton Soup
Aromatic clear soup with homemade ground pork wonton and seasonal vegetable.
Duck Hot & Sour Soup
A classic Sichuan origin of hot-spices and vinaigrette soup with duck fillet and sliced fried tofu.
Seafood Tom Yum Soup
Lemongrass, prawns, calamari, and fish fillet, bathed in Thai-style tom yum soup.
Chef Special
Creamy Pepper Chicken
Premium chicken breast schnitzel, served on sizzling plate, topped with creamy pepper sauce.
Malaysian Satay Beef
Stir-fried beef with string beans and onions, tossed in Malaysian inspired satay sauce.
Plum Spare Ribs
Boneless cut of premium pork spare ribs glazed in plum sauce.
Crispy Beef Peking Sauce
Deep fried lightly powdered beef fillet, glazed in tangy Peking sauce.
Teriyaki Pork Belly
Japanese classic brisk stir-fried sliced pork belly in aromatic teriyaki sauce.
Duck Beans & Chinese Mushroom
Aromatic duck fillet, braised with string beans and Chinese mushrooms in dark soy sauce.
Shan Dong Chicken
Chopped of fried spring chicken, topped with Shan Dong signature garlic infused white sauce.
Beef Special Sauce
Wok fried beef glazed with a harmonious mixture of Mongolian, Plum, and Garlic sauce.
Butter Oats Prawn
East-Malaysian signature deep fried prawns tossed with butter infused oat and sun-dried curry leaf.
Roasted Duck (Half)
Succulent Peking-style roasted duck. An authentic recipe of classic Chinese!
Mapo Tofu
A popular Sichuan tofu dish, cooked in mild-toned chilli oil with chicken minced, mushrooms and spring onions.
Beef Black Bean
Braised beef fillet in a lip smacking black bean sauce.
Boneless Lemon Chicken
Battered prime chicken breast fillet, served with tangy lemon sauce on side. Alternate Honey sauce also available!
Double Cooked Pork Belly
Thin slice of pork belly bathed in aromatic broth, double cooked in hot wok with spring onions, capsicum and Chongqing chilli sauce.
Sweet & Sour Pork
Diced prime spare ribs, served with pineapples, onions, capsicum, and traditional sweet and sour sauce.
Dry Peppercorn Chicken
Deep fried boneless chicken thigh fillet, tossed with garlic, dry chilli, basil, crushed nuts and Sichuan peppercorn.
Smoked Tea Duck
A classic roasted duck with bone subsequently smoked in a chamber of scorching Oolong tea.
Sichuan Prawn
Stir-fried prawns with string beans, onions, and capsicum in a mild Sichuan chilli sauce.
Chicken & Cashew Nut
Braised chicken fillet with celery, baby corn, carrot, mushroom, beans, and onion; tossed with home-roasted cashew nut.
Beef Kai-Lan
Lightly stir-fried sliced beef with Chinese broccoli in light garlic sauce.
Shanghai Prawn
A healthy choice of prawns, stir-fried with seasonal vegetable in clear stock.
Salt & Pepper
Eggplant & Pumpkin
Deep fried into perfection, tossed in a hot wok with garlic, chilli, spring onion, and aromatic salt & pepper.
White Bait
Deep fried into perfection, tossed in a hot wok with garlic, chilli, spring onion, and aromatic salt & pepper.
Spare Ribs
Deep fried into perfection, tossed in a hot wok with garlic, chilli, spring onion, and aromatic salt & pepper.
Deep fried into perfection, tossed in a hot wok with garlic, chilli, spring onion, and aromatic salt & pepper.
Yellow Curry Chicken
British Indian inspired curry with a mild, somewhat sweet taste and a little bit of spice. Tumeric is used as the vital ingredient that makes it yellow.
Green Curry Duck
Called Kaeng Khiaowhich interprets sweet green curry in Thai. It was made from green chillies, coriander roots and coconut milk.
Red Curry Prawn
Also known as Kaeng Phet in Thai, is a spicy curry which involved red curry paste and coconut milk.
Sichuan Fish Fillet
Lightly battered fish fillet, topped with mild cooked Sichuan sauce.
Mongolian Beef
A classic Chinese-American style of sliced beef, stir-fried in a savoury brown sauce.
Chilli Squid
U5 squid stir-fried with a pinch of fresh cut chilli, onion, and string bean in aromatic chilli oil.
Fish Fillet in Ginger & Shallot
Fish fillet braised with finely sliced ginger and shallot. A real delicacy!
Creamy Pepper Prawn
Blanched prawn cooked with caramelised onion in creamy pepper sauce.
Combination Seafood
Hearty stir-fried of prawns, squid and fish fillet in aromatic clear sauce.
Garlic Prawn
Braised prawn in an aromatic garlicky white sauce, top with mushroom, onion, carrot, celery and snow peas.
Clay Pot
Chicken, Eggplant & Salty Fish
Minced chicken, eggplant and salty fish slow-cooked in soy-vinaigrette sauce.
Taiwan Three Cups Chicken
Authentic Taiwanese clay pot chicken thigh fillet slow-cooked in a mixture of sesame oil, rice wine, and soy sauce.
Seafood & Tofu
A combination of prawn, squid, fish fillet, tofu & seasonal vegetable, slow-cooked in a clay pot.
Green Vegetable in Oyster Sauce
Seasonal steamed Kai-Lan, Bok Choy, or Choi Sum, topped with blended oyster sauce.
Stir Fried Mixed Vegetable
Combination of Chinese broccoli, carrot, baby corn, straw mushroom, and celery, lightly stir-fried.
Dry Cooked String Beans
Braised string beans with a touch of dark soy sauce and ground carrot.
Salt & Pepper Tofu
Deep fried into perfection, tossed in a hot wok with garlic, fresh cut chilli, and aromatic salt & pepper.
Pipa Tofu
Deep fried meatball size smashed tofu, infused with spring onion and whole egg, served with Fujian gravy.
Rice & Noodle
Steamed Rice (Per Head)
Aromatic steamed jasmine rice.
Vegetarian Fried Rice
Fried rice with scrambled egg, spring onions, crushed carrot, and beansprouts.
Special Fried Rice
A classic Yang-Zhou fried rice, stir-fried with shrimps and diced BBQ pork.
Chicken & Salty Fish Fried Rice
Canton style of fried rice tossed with shredded boiled chicken and ground salty fish.
Hokkien Noodle
The infamous Hokkien noodle, stir-fried with shrimps and diced BBQ pork in dark soy sauce. Vegetarian option also available!
Singapore Noodle
Stir-fried thin rice noodle, tossed with shrimps and BBQ pork, infused with mild yellow curry flavour.
Char Kuey Teow
Stir fried flat rice noodle with sliced beef, onion and spring onion in dark soy sauce.
Wat Tan Hor
Wok tossed flat rice noodle, topped with sliced beef and silky egg sauce. This dish also known as ‘Kong Foo Chow’.
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Reservations: hsinfortuna.com

Order: hsinfortuna.com menulog.com.au deliveroo.com.au

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We were wow when they brought out our Peking duck, awaiting for good knife skills but was let down, not sure whether it was staff competency or the tool used.
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Kenny Yang
Very nice and friendly service with delicious food.
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R Yahan
Friendly staff and delicious food, as an Asian, I should be say their food tasted delicious and traditional and orthodox. I recommend veg fried rice and roast duck, the fried rice have rich wok hei, the duck really tender, good!
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Absolutely gorgeous place. From the interior to service 5 star. Each dish we ordered was delicious. Our kids usually eat just half or nothing when we dine in somewhere. Was not the case in Hsin Fortuna. Soups were just right and both kids finished them with pleasure.
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Good tasty food and really reasonable prices. Quick service, once we ordered we had our entrees in minutes and when finished them our main meal was quickly served. Nice atmosphere, very clean with efficient staff. Will like to go again and try something different
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Fabulous restaurant. Very tasty food. The tea smoked duck is highly recommended: beautiful soft taste and juice meat. One of the best we’ve had in Adelaide.
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Fantastic delivery .. absolutely delicious! Bought a range of dishes, second time in a month & both times really fresh and tasty. Good veggies too – no need to order seperate veg. dish. YUM
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The meat was nowhere near as tender as we have come to expect from good Chinese, the service was not the best as they were rushed and appeared frustrated. To add to this there was a definite absence of meat in both dishes ordered with an over whelming presence of celery. I wouldn’t go back – there are much better Chinese restaurants on offer in Norwood!
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10 of us attended and had the $48.00 banquet for Chinese New Year, first course was a tiny battered prawn and a flakey spring roll followed by 2 small bowls of fried rice to be shared with 10 people some king of ribs which were so dry and hard 2 little plates of vegetables, two small plates of pepper steak and also chicken with onions to cut a long story very short we had a plate that was around 100mm I had to ask 2 for a larger plate and what they gave me was to size of a bread plate and I took my share and it just filled the plate. Never again…..
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