Howard Springs Centre for National Resilience

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Address: 59 Stow Rd, Howard Springs NT 0835



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Reviews & Complaints

James Sight
I had a wonderful time at Howard Springs, i was able to receive my 18th booster free of charge and got to have a social distanced dinner with Michael Gunner… Although he was strange. Nevertheless, they feed us a whopping one meal a day and we get 6 minutes of outdoor time! Soon ill be able to see my family they say, one day… soon. Great place!
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uni brow
the level of safety here is absolutely incredible!! 2 week stay even if you test negative, $5,000 fine for stepping out of designated area, or no mask or reason other than doing the laundry. Reminds me of my great, great, great grandad when he was a proud convict of the colony. Going back to our roots, so proud to be an Aussie and cant wait to be forced back against my will with ominous threats and lies!!!
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Feeding people, who are Australian citizens and who have not done anything wrong, food that is “off”. If I knew how to post a photo of the “off” food I would.
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M. Z. B.
Modern day concentration camps and remove the reviews on Manigurr-ma camp – absolutely disgusting
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chris 0285
There are pictures of Dan Andrews and Anthony Fauci everywhere in my room and the laundry. This place is odd
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Dolorous John
Never thought I could see a concentration camp un-blurred on google maps 10/10
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David Norman
The great comrade Stalin would be proud of you!
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Pooja Joshi
Quarantine days is Absolutely beautifully here ☺️
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Peter Issa
Spent 2 weeks in quarantine there, will definitely be visiting again for a real holiday next time.
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Rob Wirz
Putting people into camps??? Seriously? Didn’t we learn from the past?
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