DingDing’s Restaurant•丁丁酒家

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DingDing's Restaurant•丁丁酒家 7000

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Tuesday5–9 pm
Wednesday5–9 pm
Thursday5–9 pm
Friday5–9 pm
Saturday5–9 pm
Sunday5–9 pm

Address and Contact Information

Address: 102 Harrington St, Hobart TAS 7000

Phone: (03) 6234 9277



Chef Recommends
Ginger Shallot Lobster Served Egg Noddle
Six pieces. Octopus ball served with tonkatsu sauce, mayonnaise.
Tori Karaage
Deep fried chicken served with Japanese mayonnaise.
Six pieces. Pan fried Japanese pork dumplings served with aged black vinegar.
Veggie Gyoza
Five pieces. Pan fried Japanese vegetarian dumplings. Served with aged black vinegar.
(3 Pieces)Seafood Claw
three pieces. Deep fried crumbed seafood claw served with salad.
Vege Spring Roll (5pc)
Cabbage, carrot, pea, rice vermicelli, served with sweet and sour sauce
Yasai Tempura (Mix Veg Tempura)
Assorted vegetables tempura with sauce
Corainder Tofu Salad
Corainder Tofu Salad in sesame oil dressing.
Boiled Japanese green soybean
Wonton Soup
Four pieces. Chinese ravioli with chicken and wombok in chicken broth vegetable garnish.
West Lake Beef Chowder
A local tastry from Hangzhou city, diced beef, tofu, mushroom and egg flower in velvety broth
Szechuan Hot & Sour Soup
Strips of barbecued pork, bamboo shoots, agaric, silky bean curd, spring onion, chilli oil, aged vinegar in rich broth
Chiili Herb Chicken
Wok fried chicken with herbs, spices, dried chilli, garlic, peppercorn, spring onion, ginger and rice wine.
Kong Bao Chicken
green and red capsicum, onion, dried chilli, garlic, peppercorn, spring onion, ginger, vinegar, nuts, chicken stir fried in Kung Pow sauce
Satay Chicken
Sauteed chickem fillets with vegetable and peanut satay sauce
Cashew Nut Chicken
Sauteed chicken fillets with vegetable and oyster sauce, on top with cashew nut
Sweet & Sour Chicken
Better than deep fried chicken, served with sweet and sour sauce filled with red and green capsiums and fresh pineapple
Honey Chicken
Better than deep fried, chicken with honey sauce, roasted sesame seeds
Yu Xiang Shredded Pork
Shreeded pork, served with Yuxiang sauce(chilli, ginger, garlic, spring onion, thick broad-bean sauce), filled with red and green capsoums, onion
Sweet & Sour Pork
served with sweet and sour sacue filled with red and green capsiums and fresh pineapple
Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Sweet And Sour Sauce (Sugar &Black Vinegar)
Sweet and sour sauce (black rice vinegar)
Deep Fried Pork Ribs With Salt And Pepper
Salt and pepper (onion, dried onion, red capsicum)
Braised Pork With Potatoes
Braised in soy sauce, pork belly and potatoes, spring onion, ginger, garlic, Shaoxing wine with soy sauce
Sweet & Sour Pork Ribs
Battered then deep fried pork ribs, served with sweet and sour sauce, filled with red capsicums, green capsicums and pineapple.
Stewed Beef Brisket Pot
Slow cooked beef brisket, potato and carrot in chee hou sauce.
Poached Sliced Beef (Porterhouse Steak) In Hot Chili Oil$22.00
Black Bean Beef
sauteed sliced beef with green and red capsiums, onion, carrot, black bean sauce
Mongolian Beef
sauteed sliced beef with leek, onion and Mongolian sauce
Crispy Beef
Deep fried beef with sweet sauce, light spicy.
Cumin Lamb
sauteed tenderloin filletrs of lamb with snow bean, onion, sesame, coriander, carrot, green and red capsiums
Mongolian Lamb
sauteed tenderloin fillets of lamb with leek, onion, Mongolian sauce
Salt&Pepper With Lamb Ribs
Selected lamb ribs with pepper salt, ginger and dried shallots.
Braised Fish Fillet With Bean Curd
braised in soy sauce, deep fried fish fillet, spring onion, Szechuan pepper dressing, coriander and sesame oil
Poached Sliced Fish Fillet In Hot Chili Oil
Poached sliced fish with a vegetable base, coriander, Szechuan pepper, spring onion, sesame in hot soup and drizzling boiled chilli oil on top.
Pickled Chinese Cabbage Fish Fillet
Slow cooked pickled cabbage soup with fish fillet, spring onion, Szechuan pepper, dressing coriander and sesame oil on the top.
Salt And Pepper Squid
Deep fried squid, pan tossed with pepper, salt, five spices powder, red chilli and dry spring onion.
Seafood Supreme Pot
Prawn,fish filet,squid,vegetable ,Tofu ,cooked in Hot pot
Garlic Prawn
Eight pieces. Sautéed prawn fillets with onion, minced garlic and vegetables as based.
Satay Prawn
Sautéed prawn. fish filets, seasonal vegetable with satay sauce.
Monk’s Delight
Fried bean curd and flowery shiitake braised with vegetarian oyster sauce on a bed of broccoli.
Mixed Garlic Fresh Vegetables (V)
Wok tossed mixed fresh vegetables.
YuXiang Eggplant
Eggplant strips sautéed with two kinds of capsicum and onion in spicy vinegar sauce.
Three Fresh Vegetables In The Garden
Sautéed potato, red capsicums, green capsicums and eggplant with vegetarian oyster sauce.
Kobe Ramen
Tonkotsu soup topped with pork chashu, bamboo shoots, spring onion, onsen tamago half boiled egg and seaweed.
Spicy Ramen
Spicy chilli tonkotsu soup topped with pork chashu, ajitsuke tamago marinated egg, bok choy, spring onion and seaweed.
Tantan Ramen
Pork soup topped with pork chashu, ajitsuke tamago marinated egg, bok choy, pork mince chilli sesame oil, spring onion and seaweed.
Cha-Shu Ramen
Chashu soup topped with pork chashu, onion, spring onion, bamboo shoots and seaweed.
Veggie Ramen(Veg)
A veggie soup based with mushroom and cabbage. Topped with bamboo shoots, wakame and seaweed
Teriyaki Chiken Don
Pan fried chicken in teriyaki sauce topped with spring onion, sesame and sliced seaweed on rice.
Yakiniku Don
Pan fried sliced beef and onion in Japanese BBQ sauce topped with Onsen egg (halg boiled egg), sesame, spring onion, radish pickles ad sliced seaweed onrice.
Katsu Tama Don
Deep fried chicken with egg and sliced onion topped with spring onio and sliced seaweed on rice.
Aburi Cha-Shu Don
Grilled Cha Su with sauce topped with spring onion, sesame and seasoned half boiled egg on rice
Eel Donburi
Grilled eel with sauce, rice and salad.
Salmon Butter Yaki
Butter pan fried salmon with caramelized sauce and onion toppped with spring onion with rice.
Saba Shioyaki
Grilled Japanese mackerel, sea salt with rice
Chinese HoFen & Noodles & Rice
Singapore Noodle
Diced prawn, barbecued pork, vegetable, sesame and wok tossed with curry power and rice noodles.
Vege Singapore Noodle (V)
Silky bean curd, eggs and vegetable stir fried with curry power and rice noodles.
Chicken Fried Rice
Diced chicken, egg with rice and wok tossed.
Beef Brisket Lo Mein
Braised noodles, beef brisket and vegetables.
Combination Fried Rice
Wok fried beef, chicken and prawn with rice.
Steam Rice
Abalone Fried Rice$23.00
Bundaberg Ginger Beer 375ml$5.00
Bundaberg Blood Orange 375ml$5.00
Coke 375ml$3.00
Coke Zero 375ml$3.00
Sprite 375ml$3.00
Fanta 375ml$3.00
Wanglaoji 310ml$4.00
Miso Ramen$14.80
General Tso’s Chicken$18.00
Braised Chicken With Potato And Green Capsicum$20.00
Chicken & Sweet Corn Soup
Diced chicken breast and corn in velvety broth
Coriander And Fish Fillet Soup (G)
Fresh coriander and diced fillet of fish in velvety broth
Soft Drink (Can)
coca cola, coca cola (no sugar), sunkist, sprite, solo
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Menu at DingDing’s Restaurant•丁丁酒家, Hobart

The actual menu of the DingDing’s Restaurant•丁丁酒家. Prices and visitors’ opinions on dishes.


T Ho
Excellent Chinese food! Portions are very generous and well-priced. Delicious flavours, and the chef is very generous with the meats in all the dishes.
… more
Johnn Chung
My parents were in town, and really craved some good Chinese food. We’d already been to Me Wah but were disappointed in the lack of flavor to the food. We spotted DingDing on our way to the farmers market, and they liked the sound of the lobster noodles. It sure did not disappoint. We also ordered the eggplant, vegetable pot and Basa fillet soup. My parents being Chinese are usually hard to please, but they loved the taste of every food ordered. It was full of flavor, and we finished every last scrap. Definitely worth another visit.
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This restaurant is attached to accommodation, run by the same people.
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Kapil Mistry
We had chilli chicken, chicken with cashew nuts, garlic prawns, Mongolian lamb and wontons. The food was absolutely delicious. My wife chose this restaurant. I was originally a bit meh about it because of the photos put up online of the food there.
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Patrick Yule
Disgusting the food was oily, tasteless and served horrible. You’ll get good poisoning if you eat here, the accomadation they offer is just as bad, avoid at all cost.
… more
Catherine B
Great Chinese style and Japanese food. Yummy yummy. At a reasonable price. A restaurant with accommodation for travelers.if you like spicy food , you can come order some Chinese style food. Staff are friendly.
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I thought the restaurant chang the name call Ding Ding Chinese restaurant mean they don’t have Ramen but they just have a lot of new Chinese dishes but still keep the Japanese dishes. And the new look is very cool and the Chinese dishes is also very good. And they service is nice and warm.I will come here again!!!!
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jacob white
The food was incredible, one of the best ramen dishes I’ve ever had outside japan. Thank you so much.
… more
Annie J
Authentic Chinese restaurant. The First bite brought me to China at once. Especially the LOBSTER!!!!! Really tastes amazing.
… more
Bradford Tetlow
We’ve been missing good asian fusion food since we moved to the UK and DingDings certainly delivered. Excellent Ramen, great service and we spent about an hour just chatting to the manager who was a fascinating lady.
… more
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