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Monday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Tuesday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Wednesday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Thursday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Friday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Saturday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm
Sunday11:30am–3pm, 5–8:30pm

Address and Contact Information

Address: Shop R1a Westfield Shopping Centre, Hornsby NSW 2077

Phone: 0434 129 176

Website: https://absolutethaigroup.com.au/our-resturants/absolute-thai-r1a/


Menu Link: absolutethaihornsby.com.au

Chicken Wings (6 Pcs)
Home style fried chicken wings coated with sesame seeds
6 PiecesA$10.90
Mixed Entrée
One each of vegetable spring roll, curry puff, money bag and 2 pcs of satay chicken
Money Bag (4 Pcs)
Chicken, prawn, seafood stick, onion, coriander, garlic and ground peanut
4 PiecesA$12.90
Fish Cake (3 Pcs)
Fish, red curry paste, egg, green bean, kaffir lime leave and lesser galangal
3 PiecesA$9.90
Salt & Pepper Squid
Deep fried marinated batter squid
Curry Puff (4 Pcs)
Potato, onion, green pea, carrot, curry powder
Vegetable Spring Roll (4 Pcs)
Cabbage, carrot, corn kernel, water chestnut, glass noodle, garlic and shallot
Satay Chicken Skewer (6 Pcs)
Grilled marinated breast chicken
6 PiecesA$10.90
Prawn Donut ( 3 Pcs)
Prawn, chicken, egg yolk, breadcrumb, plain flour and white pepper
3 PiecesA$11.50
Potato Chips
Tom Kha
Mushroom, baby corn, tomato, carrot and coriande, onion and coconut milk
Tom Yum
Mushroom, baby corn, tomato, carrot and coriander
Soft Shell Crab Salad
Deep fried soft shell crab, cucumber, tomato, red hot chilli,red onion, mint leaves,green apple and lime dressing
Thai Beef Salad
Grilled marinated beef tenderloin, cucumber, tomato, long red chili, onion, mint leaves and chili jam dressing
Larb Chicken
Classic minced chicken salad with ground roasted rice, fish sauce, lemon juice, and chilli served warm
BBQ Lamb
Grilled marinated lamb, grill vegetable
Pan Fried Tasmania Salmon Fillet
Roast potato, carrorts, french beans, cherry tomato and prawns tarragon sauce
Crying Tiger
Grilled marinated beef tenderloin, grilled vegetable
BBQ Chicken
Grilled marinated chicken thigh fillet, grilled vegetable
Homemade Curry
Massaman Curry Beef
Potato,onion, peanut, bay leaves and coconut milk
Massaman Lamb Shank
Sous-Vide 14 hours slow cooked, juicy fall off the bone lamb shank, mashed potato
Green Curry
Green bean, bamboo shoot, basil leaves, zucchini and coconut milk
Roasted Duck Curry
Pineapple, lychee, tomato, basil leaves, long red chili, zucchini and coconut milk
Jungle Curry
Green bean, bamboo shoot, mushroom, baby corn, zucchini, basil leaves, green peppercorn, long red chili and lesser galangal
Panang Curry
Capsicum, green bean, ground peanut and coconut milk
Red Curry
Green bean, bamboo shoot, basil leaves, zucchini and coconut milk
Wok on Fire
Oyster Sauce
Bok choy, broccoli, mushroom, chinese cabbage, baby corn
Cashew Nut & Chili Jam
Cashew nut, chili jam, capsicum, onion, shallot, baby corn, carrot
Peanut Sauce
Capsicum, bok choy, broccoli, chinese cabbage
Black Pepper Sauce
Onion, garlic, capsicum, mushroom, shallot
Chili & Basil
Fresh chili paste, capsicum, onion, green bean, carrot, mushroom, basil leaves
Noodle & Fried Rice
Pad Thai
Thin rice noodle, tamarind sauce, egg, bean sprout, garlic chive, ground peanut
Pad Sieu
Fresh flat rice noodle, sweet soy sauce, egg, chinese broccoli
Pineapple Fried Rice
Pineapple, prawn, squid, chicken, egg, capsicum, onion, curry powder, cashew nut
Green Curry Fried Rice
Onion, green bean, long red chili, egg, basil leaves, green curry paste
Thai Fried Rice
Onion, chinese broccoli, tomato, egg, ground pepper, shallot, coriander
Pad Kee Mao
Fresh flat rice noodle, fresh chili paste, capsicum, onion, green bean, carrot, mushroom, bamboo shoot, basil leaves
Vermicelli rice noodle, carrot, bok choy, baby corn, coriander, fried shallot, bean sprout
Only @ Absolute Thai
Wealthy Tofu
Egg tofu, mushroom, carrot, broccoli, capsicum, zucchini, green bean, pepper, fried garlic
Duck Chili Basil
Fresh chili paste, capsicum, onion, green bean, mushroom, basil leaves, carrot
Steamed Curry Seafood In Young Coconut
Prawn, Squid, Fish fillets, Mussel, red curry paste, coconut milk, chinese cabbage, cabbage, egg, kaffir lime leaves and basil leases
Spicy Prawn
Capsicum, broccoli, carrot, fresh chili paste, chili jam
Tom Yum Solf Shell Crab
Deep fried soft shell crab, lemon grass, kaffir lime leaves, hot red chili, galangal,mushroom, chili jam, milk
Black Pepper Solf Shell Crab
Black pepper, garlic, coriander, onion, carrot, capsicum, baby corn, shallot
Stir-Fried Curry Solf Shell Crab
Capsicum, onion, shallot, curry powder, chili oil, egg, milk
Bangkok Beef
Capsicum, onion, pineapple, mushroom, butter
Sizzling Seafood
Prawn, squid, fish fillet, mussel, onion, capsicum, mushroom, chili paste, chili jam, basil leaves
Sizzling Lamb
Capsicum, onion, chili paste, chili jam, mint leaves
Sizzling Beef
Bok choy, bean sprout, shallot, sesame oil
Thai Street Food
Khao Moo Krob (Crispy Pork With Rice)
Crispy pork, homemade sauce, ginger slice, cucumber, served with rice
Kraprao Moo Krob
Crispy pork, long red chili, green bean, onion, basil leaves, garlic, hot red chili
Kana Moo Krob
Crispy pork, chinese broccoli, garlic, red hot chili,soy bean paste
Moo Krob With Thai Street Sauce
Crispy pork served with thai street sauce, ginger slice, cucumber, mix salad
Kaprao Gai Kai Dao With Rice
Minced chicken, long red chili, green bean, onion, basil leaves, fresh chili paste, fried egg sunny side up
Rice Dishes
Coconut Rice
Small (1 People)A$5.90
Medium (2 People)A$7.90
Large (3-4 People)A$8.90
Steamed Jasmine Rice
Small (1 People)A$3.50
Medium (2 People)A$6.50
Large (3-4 People)A$7.50
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Order and Reservations

Reservations: quandoo.com.au

Order: menulog.com.au

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Reviews & Complaints

Laksa was absolutely uneatable, no flavour, tasted like a bad oatmeal.
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Surprised why not too many customers here. The taste is good and generous portions.
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Pam Prasad
Absolutely appalling – disgusting food and terrible service. Service was very slow. Food was inedible – absolutely no flavour. We had to order chilli, lemon and sauce in order to try and enjoy our meal. We ordered a fresh juice, which we were told was fresh, but clearly wasn’t. We told them all of the above and were completely ignored.
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Fanny Wong
The tong yum and the papaya salad were unbearably salty. Hate to waste food,so I brought the whole dish of papaya salad home and wash it under water to make it edible. The fish cake and the pad see ew were not impressive either. Very bad experience and for sure I would not go there again.
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Real Kritics
Food is 10/10, personally love the Pad Si Ew. Love eating at Thai restaurants however this one is my personal favourite. The service and team are super friendly and are very welcoming.
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Dean Roberts
Friendly staff but our order arrived a bit slower than usual perhaps because a larger table ordered first. Love the food here though it’s the best Thai in Sydney
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Davood pourreza
Absolutely fresh Thai food, generous with the meat. Loved it. Highly recommended. 5⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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Amariel Moon-Willow
Delicious food, speedy service and lovely staff.
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Tony Lam
Food was alright but service staff was rude and apathetic.
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Ian & Lynn Williams
Good service and good food with generous serves
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